a strongly felt aim

We aim to be the leading provider of platforms for
alternative financial services in Africa in the next 5 years -
wealth management, micro loans, P2P lending, LPO
financing, utility/assets financing and cross border

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unveiling our platforms


Tannadi is a platform that allows members save and get attractive guaranteed returns on the amounts.


Lendaba is a peer-to-peer lending platform that allows people borrow money from their friends and family.


Secondscore is an alternative credit scoring and financial risk assessment platform that aggregates millions of data sets and helps.


Problem Statement

  1. Most people find it hard to access loans from banks and traditional financial institutions. They even find it harder to get small loans from the banks and without a good credit rating/score. It becomes harder to get loans from microfinance institutions.

  2. Most people find it hard saving/investing small amounts and getting good rates/returns and they also find it hard getting their change from cash transactions when the change is a very small amount {less than N50 ($0.15) }

  3. There are over 38 consumers in the world with no access to formal credit.

  4. Access to credit is a key link between economic opportunity and economic outcome. Without the ability to obtain credit in times of need, business are harder to start and run, apartments are harder to rent, and emergencies can become disasters.