Building Platforms for Better Payment
Solutions in Africa

Our financial services platform leverages proprietary technology to broker flexible payment between
customers and several financiers coupled with our simple and easy-to-use payment solutions
designed just for you!

Sarepay enables businesses to transact more by choosing from our array of payment channels. Leveraging on our strategic partnerships, we guarantee fast, secured payment and great transaction rates. With one API integration, you can send, receive payments and make recurring bills payment on the go. As a business, you can increase your revenue, maintain a low business running cost and at the same time give your customers a secured and seamless payment experience.

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CollectAm is a simple invoice generation platform (bill presentment) that allows businesses to generate bills and payment demands via SMS, USSD, web, and mobile app and has those invoices sent to the customers via SMS and email. The customers can pay via USSD, card, or bank account (pay with transfer) and the merchant can reconcile payments by the customer irrespective of channel.

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Roundup is a savings platform that enables users to save as they spend… The goal of the platform is to promote a savings culture among spenders. Roundup approximates your spending/transactions to the nearest 100 every time you do a transaction with your card (added to your account on roundup) and earns interest on your behalf…for now, the round-up amount is debited from the bank account that is added to the platform. You're allowed to withdraw from your wallet after hitting a threshold of N5,000. Withdrawal before then attracts a penalty.

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